Taking the Elixirs...


  The ÉLI*SON Evolutional Elixirs allow an Acceleration in our Evolving Transformation and in our Propulsion of Consciousness in order to find our Inner Source by raising our Vibration according to the Elixir used.

    Their range of action works to release our old memories that have permeated our physical cells throughout our Life. This programming (patterns), due to our education, the social environment and wounds related to the experiences of the past, creates energetic blockages that provoke states of instability and stress.

     ÉLI*SON Evolutional Elixirs make it possible to retreat (witness position) to better see our behaviours and feel/recognize them more easily in order to better target our Transformation for a better Wellness in our daily Life...

THE Elixirs in 3 energie levels

   The ÉLI*SON  Évolutional Elixirs are tools that work on us by raising the Frequency of our Vibration in 3 levels of Energy. 

     1st level (1X), they enhance our energy field to allow us to IDENTIFY energy blockages.

     2nd level (2X), they FREE energy blockages by emptying old memories buried in the physical body and in our energetic bodies. We begin to lighten up and we better understand Life in us and around us.

     3rd level (7X), they FILL the physical body and energetic bodies with Light. This has the effect of propelling the Soul's Consciousness to its full potential.

     The goal is to bring us back to a Conscious Life and therefore BE in the Present Moment...

taking the elixirs consciously

The ÉLI*SON Elixirs are presented in purple glass bottles to preserve their vibratory qualities. The metric droppers allow for more accurate dosing. The quality of the selected droppers ensures that there is no loss of product. 


To ensure better protection, it is recommended not to leave the ÉLI*SON Elixirs in cold weather (max -5C/23F) or excessive heat (max 35C/95F).


Despite the excellent quality of the purple glass bottle, which does not let anything pass through, it is also recommenced to keep them away from any source of cellular waves (ex: cell phone, laptop, etc.). 

Here is an example of the state in which we should Be to take the Elixirs:     

  •      By focusing in the Present Moment, I put the drops of Elixirs in a glass of water... Being Present prevents me from making automatic gestures... The contact of water with the Elixirs allows them to activate... and as our physical body is mainly composed of water, water becomes the vector and the Elixirs are thus better distributed throughout the whole  body...
  •      I consciously realize that I AM unified with the Elixir which connects me to the essence of the Tree.
  •       By taking/drinking the Elixir, I let its Energy go down in me and I AM in a state of Receiving (not pending results).
  •     I AM listening, through my felt, to what the Elixir does. I let go of the possible results. I may not feel anything at the moment but it will come (depending on my ability to be without expectations).
  •      I thank the Elixir and take a few moments to appreciate the work it does and I remain Conscious and Listening to a message or a possible Connection.
  •      I know that the Elixir accompanies me throughout the day ! If necessary, I ask him to help me, support me or accompany me in a moment of overtaking.


The Double Sub Plantar... What is it? ... Why clean it!

        The Double Sub Plantar is located under our feet and is the self-conscious psychic "trash" where the energy of all actions, thoughts, intentions, emotions and negative words emitted for millennia is fermented. The Double Sub Plantar seeks our weak points in the library of spheres and chakras in order to push us towards self-destruction. The Autonomous Consciousness of the Double Sub Plantar knows us by Heart, as if it had made us. As for us, we are ignorant of its Existence. Isn't the confrontation not equal? The Double Sub Plantar Consciousness can make events out of our own karma and those of others in order to trap us in destructive situations and sources of suffering.

            When the Double Sub Plantar takes control of our existence, it is ALWAYS to bring us to the edge of a disaster that will instinctively lead us to recreate again and again more residual karma that will strengthen it and weaken us.

             The contact with a fern, in Consciousness, allows us to empty this Double Sub Plantar. In winter, you can use the essential oil of the tea tree (tea tree/melaleuca) to do the same work in Consciousness. This essential oil is used at a rate of one drop under each foot (sole and seat of the Double Sub Plantar). The organic kind prevents the absorption of pesticides. I can provide you with the organic kind in bottles of 15 ml.

                                                                                               Translated from website: L'Archimagistère...