Love and folly...


"One day, Folly decided to invite friends

For coffee at her place.

All the guests went. After coffee Folly proposed:

- Want to play Hide & Seek ?

- Hide & Seek ? What is it ? asked Curiosity.

- Hide & Seek is a game. I count to 100

And You go hide. When I finished counting I start looking,

First one I find will be next to count.

All accepted except Fear and Laziness.

- 1,2,3, ... Folly started to count.

Quick hid first, any where.

Shy, shy as always, hid in a tuft of tree.

Joy ran in the middle of the garden. Sorrow started to cry,

Because she couldn't find an appropriate place to hide.

Envy accompanied Triumph and hid close to him, behind a rock.

Folly continued counting while her friends were hiding.

Despair was desperate seeing that Folly was already at 99.

ONE HUNDRED ! screamed Folly. I will start looking...

First to be found was Curiosity because she couldn't help

Coming out of her hideout to see who would be first to be discovered.

Looking on the side, Folly saw Doubt over a fence
Not knowing which way it would be best to hide.

And so on, she found Joy, Sorrow, Timid...

When they were all reunited, Curiosity asked: Where is Love ?

No one had seen her. Folly started to search.

She looked aver a mountain, in rivers, at the foot of the rocks. But she 

Could not find Love. Searching all around, Folly saw a rosebush. She took a piece

Of wood and started to search through the branches,

when all of a sudden she heard screaming.

It was Love screaming because a thorn had caught her eye.
Folly didn't know what to do. She apologized,

Begging Love for forgiveness

And went so far as to promise to follow her forever.

Love accepted the apologies.
Today... Love is blind and Folly is always on her side."




Inspired by The Fables of Jean De La Fontaine

which was inspired by "Débat de Folie et d'Amour"

written by poetess Louise Labé (XVI century).