if your inner child talked to you...

Hello, I am your Inner Child.

Can I talk to You?

I feel terribly alone. You are not often there for me.

I understand, I know, that's what you learned.

Except that now you are an adult and you can change your Relationship with me.

I want you to take me out to have fun, make me laugh.

Everything is so serious with you. It almost killed me.


I need you; you are the Driver of this vehicle allowing me to realize Myself.

You've let others crush me and thereby crush my needs and desires.

Then you continued their work.

I am happy to see that now you know that I exist and

that you sometimes recognize my Presence.

I am afraid you'll let me down again.

That you'll stop listening to me, that you'll stop to consider my needs and desires.

When you do not listen to me, I suffer and let you know.

You know the other day when you felt that discomfort,

It was me who caught your attention. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

You are very strong. The less you listen to me... the more the discomfort is great.

If it hurts, it's because I'm in pain. Please, stay with me.

Allow me to Be.

Underneath my pain lies Joy.

Underneath my anger, Love.

Underneath my fear, my trust in You.


My anger against you is great, let me just express it,

Let me tell you what it did to me that you crushed me.

All those names you gave me. You told me 'I suck'.

You did not always use words to crush me but it was just like it.

Let me tell you what it did to me that you told me that I'm not right to feel my emotions.

I know, that's what you learned, but you can change that.

Let me tell you what it did to me that you told me

that I should rather be like this or that.

Let me tell you what it did to me that you told me

that I should feel this or that rather than this or that.


I feel I'm in a box, shut up, suffocated under your beliefs, put away.

You serve others. Understand that you have no power over others.

You have it on you and that's all.

You have the power to let me live, to allow myself to Be, to laugh, to have fun.

You also have to power to listen to me.

You alone really know all that I have lived.

Only you can really understand me.

You have the power to love me, to recognize me, to pamper me, to fulfill my desires.

Isn't it all of that that you're looking for in others, on the outside ???

Do you understand that I need all this ?

Not others, but YOU.

You have the greatest power.

Please please do not ever let me down, never again.

I have so much sorrow, without you I die, without you I suffer.

I need YOU.

So much need YOU.


Your Inner Child.