emotional healing: acceptance


Each element of your Life has made you advance, progress, until today. You are on this Path, aware of the value of your Soul, your Soul which is part of you but which has connections, knowledge, different antennas, which allows it to always see beyond. It inspires you, it guides you on your Life Path.

Of course, there are choices that were made before your Incarnation, some more difficult to live than others, but there is always a reason, an explanation, which allows most of the time to be or to learn acceptance.

By accepting a situation, you allow the energies to organize the rest of the experience. You can always come out of the experience grown, liberated or bitter and diminished. In acceptance, you are already taking the next step.

This doesn't mean accepting to lower yourself, to be humiliated, to be tortured, it means to be in accord with the Soul's choices to go through certain experiences, to grow, to get out of karma, to free yourself, to be debt free.

This is how, little by little, your wings spread. We often take the image of the butterfly, it takes a while to dry its wings, it takes a while to fully unfold and be able to fly. The purpose of this incarnation is to fly freely. Sometimes the wings can be a little damaged, but that doesn't change this freedom that is yours.

This body often bruised by your experiences, by your emotions. This body which is like a blackboard on which your Soul can write all the wounds still opened, all the fear still present. When there is no more room on the blackboard, the body reacts with the disease, the Soul transmits signals, it can also be by accidents, not necessarily a disease that develop in your body, soul transmits signals, then you must act !

EMOTIONAL HEALING : Yes, but how ?

First of all by realizing that your body is helping you out by giving you the messages of your soul; by thanking it for pointing out that there is an "over-emotional" state which must be evacuated, but which we must also be aware of in order to modify, no longer be afraid of the change in our lives, in our ways of Being, of thinking.


By Being accepting, you are giving your body that flexibility it needs to receive healing energies. The physical body, the blackboard on which everything is written by the Soul, is indicative of the state of mind.

There are multiple possibilities today, without having to do too much introspection, to know body language, tools of all kinds, books which for the most part are well inspired, sufficiently in understanding the language of the Soul. But be aware that each case is totally different.

Translated from : www.lumieresdelaudela.com

Our body is talking to us, we know it... Here's a great tool to help us understand it ! 


This book lists over 800 ailments and illnesses to help us understand body language. This dictionary is a tool for understanding, to investigate and for transformation to give us a line of work to heal our inner wounds. 


Jacques Martel says: "I sincerely believe that each and everyone of us can take charge of ourselves ...  for the only real power I have is power over myself; I AM the creator of my Life. The more aware I AM, the more I can make appropriate changes."